How to cook Thai rice?


The electric rice cookers ease the Thais in cooking the rice, but the proportion of the rice grains and water is important to ensure the perfectly cooked rice.

Thai meals, the Thais quite enjoy to have the plain cooked rice or ข้าวสวย (K̄ĥāws̄wy), the mainstay of the Thai diet, eat along with other dishes. Thailand is also a major producer and exporter of the top-quality rice. ข้าวหอมมะลิ (K̄ĥāw h̄xm mali) or Thai jasmine rice, having slender shape, subtle jasmine-pandan-like scent and slightly sweet flavour, is well recognized as the best variety and the most popular.

The traditional Thai way of cooking the rice is very complicated and requires a lot of time to deal with, about which here I will not talk since using the electric rice cooker makes this easier. To ensure the perfectly cooked rice grains with wonderful aroma and flavour and soft texture, the suitable ratio of the rice grains and water is about 1 per 1.5.

This recipe is suitable for a 1-litre electric rice cooker.


  • 2 cups rice grains, rapidly and softly rinsed with water and then drained well.
  • 3 cups water


  1. Put the rice grains and water into an electric rice cooker.
  2. Start the cooker and let it perform the remaining steps automatically until the rice is fully cooked.
  3. Let it stand for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Different varieties and brands of rice will require varying proportion of water. Simply follow the directions written on the packaging.


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